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Chrome Plating Services
Chrome plating is a vital part of Western Reman's operations. Original dimensions are restored through a controlled process of chrome plating, precision grinding and polishing. We have the ability to plate and grind shafts up to 16 feet in length.
Chrome plating adds hardness, resists abrasion, and reduces friction. Not only does it restore components back to their original dimension, it is the only process that does so without causing distortion or imparting detrimental surface stress.
Chrome plating results in longer life for journals and bearing surfaces. Let WRI show you how we can add value to your parts at a reasonable price.
Stroke: 14 inches
Swing: 36 inches
Length: 16 feet
Lift Capacity: 4000 lbs

Services Available:
Hard Chrome Plating Polishing
Grinding Inspection
Shot Peen Magnetic Particle Inspection (Level II)
Grit Blasting

Primiary Product Lines:
Camshafts Crankshafts

Secondary Product Lines:
Air Compressor Shafts Machine Shafts
Water Pump Shafts Punch Press Shafts

4000 amp Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine
Precision Crankshaft Balancer
Aluminum Oxide Blaster
Shot Peen Blast Cabinet
Multiple Chroming Tanks
Multiple Grinders
Remanufacturing Photo
Remanufacturing Picture 2